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Orelsan trapped by his iPhone in his new Discipline clip

To criticize our consumer society, what could be better than doing it via its ultimate emblem, theiPhone ? In the all-digital age, the apple phone is loved as much as hated. This is what the rapper proves to us Orelsan in his latest clip, Disciplined.

New extract from his album The party is over – epilogue, Disciplined features the 36-year-old artist in a video that is as funny as it is original. At the rate of his appearances, he goes from one application to another and multiplies references to pop culture.

orelsan iphone - Orelsan trapped by his iPhone in his new Discipline clip

First wallpaper samurai, Orelsan then finds himself, despite himself, in all the applications of the moment: Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter… Everything goes there. The singer even becomes the hero of a video game at the crossroads between Mario, Space Invaders, Street Fighter and Pokemon (Yes it’s possible). In the last seconds of Disciplined, dozens of iMessage notifications appear on the iPhone screen. Each of them presenting those who worked on this innovative and refreshing clip.

Released in 2017, Orelsan’s third album, The party is over, granted him three statuettes at the last Music wins. The reissue of this album, released last November and embellished with 11 new titles, is a new success for the rapper. There is no doubt that his talent, both in text and in clip, will earn him other awards.