Orange wants to attack Free for defamation

Orange wants to attack Free for defamation

Image 1: Orange wants to attack Free for defamation

Maxime Lombardini, general manager of Iliad, had made very harsh remarks about Orange last week during an interview with Les Echos. Orange has confirmed that it is seriously considering attacking the operator for libel.

“No need to talk about innovation”

Maxime Lombardini had indeed declared to our colleagues that there was no reason to “speak of innovation when we copied the triple play and the Freebox with two years of delay and going so far as to imitate its name. The reality is that France Telecom is not investing in content to beat Canal + in pay TV. It uses the distribution of content to its subscribers alone to eliminate its competitors in the telecoms. Niel, founder and vice-president of the group also went in his direction a few days later by calling Orange “a multi-repeat offender. “

That is enough for Couture, content director of Orange to piss him off. He said that he did not understand how it was possible to make such comments. For him, Orange engineers do an excellent job and work to create television for today and tomorrow. Despite everything, Niel remains calm, for him there is no defamation since the facts are proven.