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Orange removes all mention of iPhone 5 from its site

Orange removes all mention of iPhone 5 from its site

France Tlcom-Orange, which formalized the arrival of the iPhone 5 in a certain way by publishing an internship offer on the Internet, has withdrawn all mention of the future product on its site. Recall Apple's order?

Saturday, the French site stated to have discovered that the operator and official partner of Apple in France mentioned in the context of a classified ad, the new version of the iPhone, while neither its next release nor even its name are officially known.

Questioned the same day by AFP, France Tlcom and Apple had not wished to react to this information.

In its internship offer, before its rectification on Sunday, the French operator indicated that it was looking for a diploma one of the main challenges of the mission of which will be to define as precisely as possible the impacts of a terminal like the iPhone 5 on customers' internet consumption.

Orange also addressed, but in a vague way, the technical capacities of this iPhone 5 by mentioning a modification of the induced uses.

All these indications were therefore withdrawn this Sunday.

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(Source: Belga with Belgium-iPhone)