Orange remains the 4G champion, ahead of Bouygues, SFR and Free

According to the latest Arcep survey, the French telecoms regulator, Orange still achieves the best performance in terms of 4G coverage and the quality of the mobile connection. SFR has caught up with Bouygues and Free.

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Like every year, Arcep, the French telecoms regulatory authority, has just published its survey on the overall quality of mobile networks. The institution noted an improvement in services among the four main operators, which is rather good news for the French.

Thus and on average, the general quality of calls has improved while mobile data download speeds have increased from 45 Mbit / s in 2019 to 49 Mbit / s this year. Despite everything, this progress does not happen at the same speed everywhere. Orange remains number one for the tenth consecutive year, and quite simply displays the best performance in terms of 4G coverage and the quality of the mobile connection.

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Orange still keeps first place

In mobile internet, Orange’s quality of service continues to improve, in particular with an average speed which has increased by more than 15 points, whether in rural, dense or intermediate areas ”, specifies Arcep in its report. Orange exceeds its competitors by 3 to 5 points on all the institution’s indicators.

To go into more detail, Orange offers an average downward speed (download) of 74 Mbit / s (102 Mbit / s in dense area, 82 Mbit / s in intermediate area and 41 Mbit / s in rural area) and an average uplink speed (sending files) of 13 Mbps (18 Mbit / s in dense area, 14 Mbit / s in intermediate area, 7 Mbit / s in rural area).

arcep table
Credit: Arcep

So if Orange stands out from the pack, SFR, Bouygues and Free remain neck and neck with relatively close flow rates :

  • SFR: average downstream speed of 47 Mbit / s and average upward speed of 11 Mbit / s
  • Bouygues Telecom: average downstream speed of 40 Mbit / s and average upward speed of 10 Mbit / s
  • Free: average downstream speed of 33 Mbit / s and average upstream speed of 8 Mbit / s

The three competing operators being in a pocket handkerchief question performance, the president of Arcep Sébastien Soriano advises consumers to use the interactive maps available on to find the best. “Before choosing one of these three operators, you really have to take into account your place of residence and its uses ”, he recommends.

As a reminder, Orange has just deployed its 5G network in some fifteen cities in France. Just launched, the operator led by Stéphane Richard was quick to praise the performance of its network. Orange therefore promises speeds 3 to 4 times faster than 4G, with a maximum download speed of 2.1 Gbit / s.

Source: Le Figaro