Orange recruits by reimbursing termination fees

Orange quadruple play offer coming soon

Image 1: Orange is recruiting by reimbursing the termination feesBack to school is approaching, and Orange is therefore going on the offensive to recruit new subscribers to its services.

Thus, the incumbent operator promises a reimbursement of the termination costs of up to 60 euros for all its new subscribers who should leave a competing operator to join it.

Reimbursement of costs to the competitor

Valid until October 2008, this offer concerns all new Orange subscribers who leave their current operator to switch to the latter. Orange therefore offers to reimburse the termination or termination fees of its new subscribers, up to a maximum of 60 euros. To take advantage of this, new subscribers will however have to justify themselves to Orange by presenting an invoice which specifies the duration of the remaining commitment or any termination fees.

Finally, and it is certainly not by chance, this offer can be combined with the various Orange promotions, in particular the reimbursement of 10 euros per month on the subscription for 3 months, ie 30 euros discount. Note also that this first offer concerns all the operator’s packages, with or without the TV option, for a minimum engagement of 12 months.