Orange markets Orange sport again

Orange markets Orange sport again

Image 1: Orange markets Orange sport againThe second half has just ended and therefore whistles the victory of Orange which can continue to market its sports channel. The operator has in fact just won the call against SFR and Free, who accused him of carrying out tied selling.

Technical mastery of the match

Orange will therefore have succeeded in convincing the judges of the merits of its offer. However, they had decided the opposite at first instance. Reducing to nothing the operator’s sports plans to counter Canal + in his favorite field, football. Free and SFR criticized the incumbent operator for the tying involved in the Orange sport subscription.

Unlike Canal +, which is available from all ADSL operators, Oragne channels are only accessible to Livebox subscribers. Unbalanced offer for competition according to SFR and Free who attacked the company led by Didier Lombard. First conviction of the commercial court against Orange, which was forced to suspend the marketing of its channel (not its distribution) before a judgment on the merits. The latter then gives an unfavorable opinion, but Orange appeals.

Well he took it since the judges finally come to agree with him and again authorize him to market his chain. Good news for Orange, which pays its Ligue 1 match on Saturday evening for 200 million euros a year. A contrary decision would simply have forced Couture, director of group programs, to stop broadcasting the channel, for lack of profitability.