Orange launches its new offers

Orange quadruple play offer coming soon

OrangeIt’s also back to school for Orange, and the operator is sure to brush up on its offers.

They are thus simplified, and there are now four packages that fill the ranks of the incumbent operator.

Orange back to school offers

Orange therefore now offers four packages: two with a one-year commitment, and two without. For the first two, it is first of all the Net Offer, the most complete, which offers Internet up to 18 mega, television and telephone without subscription to France Telecom for 39.90 euros per month. Then comes the Formula, which offers Internet and television, as well as telephony, except that the subscription with France Telecom remains in place, all for 29.90 euros per month. These two packages are available on the same principle as the formula offered by Free, namely that they remain the same regardless of the speedThe bandwidth as used when talking about a network defines the amount of digital information that the network allows to pass through… which the subscriber can access (from 512 kbits to 18 mega).

Then come the non-binding offers, called Discovery. The first, Internet Discovery 8 MegaMax offers Internet access and television, as well as optional telephony, at 29.90 euros per month. Finally, the Discovery 1 MegaMax package also offers television and optional telephone, for 24.90 euros per month. It should be noted that Orange subscribers before the implementation of these new packages will see their subscription readjusted in order to benefit from the reductions that this causes.

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