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Orange HDMI key to be launched in Romania

While Google posted an insolent success with its HDMI Chromecast key, Stéphane Richard announced that a competing key was being prepared by Orange, without giving further details on the latter.

Stéphane Orange Richard For the past few weeks, the latter has been talking about it and there was talk of an outing for the month of April.

A press release presents it today more indicating that it "requires a smartphone, an HDMI TV and a broadband connection to allow you to retrieve all the content from your mobile device to watch it on your TV, whether you are at home or on the go. The Orange TV Stick lets you allows you to stream all your favorite content like live TV, video on demand, replay, your personal photos and videos, directly to a TV. "

We thus discover that it will be a question of taking advantage not only of a mirror mode allowing the user to read his own files on the television, but also of accessing part of the services offered by Orange whether VOD or catch-up TV.

For the moment, it is not known which technologies will be used for data transfer or whether the key will be compatible with iOS or Android.

Strangely enough, Orange intends to launch its key as a priority in Romania. It would be sold there for a few dozen euros for a 15-day test phase, after which it could be marketed on a larger scale.