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Orange eSIM finally arrives on the iPhone

The French telecommunications company Orange should finally take care of theeSIM of the’iPhone and thus allow its customers to switch from their personal line to their professional line without changing their mobile device.

The wait has long been full of uncertainty, but there it is! TheeSIM Orange should land on iPhone in France during this month of May. In the form of a small chip integrated into the smartphone, theeSIM allows you to activate a second line on your mobile. A service already available in several European countries such as Spain, Poland or Slovakia and compatible with iPhone XR, XS and XS Max.

Only problem: theeSIM would only be accessible to professional customers ofOrange. The operator had however indicated that the offers proposed on eSIM would be similar to the already existing traditional packages.

Whichever reference operator you choose, the installation procedure for theeSIM sure iPhone Is simple ; just go to the cellular data settings of iOS and scan the QR code given by the operator. To date, no operator has, however, offered the same approach to support eSIM.