10,000 antennas to provide good coverage with its own network

Orange caps roaming charges

Xavier Niel was thus invited to express himself on the release of the Freebox Mini 4K but also on its positioning in relation to the competition. After the presentations of the new Box and the return of dialogue between the ISP and Google, there was talk of setting the record straight vis-à-vis other market players.

Xavier-Niel Thus, the Freebox Mini 4K should not be ashamed of any comparison with the Box Miami of Bouygues, in particular on the fact that it also embeds the Android ecosystem: "We take responsibility, we don't overlay Android."

Regarding SFR-Numéricable, Xavier Niel regrets the opacity of the figures put forward by the operator cable, in particular concerning the distribution of very high speed subscribers:

"Our colleagues communicate on an astronomical number of very high speed subscribers without specifying the share of fiber. So, we too will do the same and we say it today: Free has 550,000 very high speed subscribers."

Finally, it is with Orange that Xavier Niel is most annoyed:

"Orange sells us a service at an excessive price on which we do not always have a perfect quality because we have limited pipes per antenna. There are limitations in terms of bit rates on the part of Orange. it’s not us who limit the speed, it’s Orange who tells us 'above a certain volume in regions, I’m not selling you more', especially in Paris. This is why we are deploying our network as quickly as possible, in keeping with the spirit that animated us from the start. "

Xavier Niel has promised to return to the press very soon to discuss some new features on the mobile side, so a new offensive cannot be ruled out.