Orange broadcasts an advertisement for the iPhone 6

orange iphone 6 pub - Orange diffuse une publicité pour l’iPhone 6

The iPhone often represent large revenues for telephone operators. They allow them to promote the various packages they offer, or simply to make a profit margin, by selling the smartphone fromApple naked. An advertisement touting the iPhone 6 was published not by Apple, but by operator Orange. The telephone company highlights the latest Apple, by presenting some of its features.

orange iphone 6 ad - Orange broadcasts an advertisement for the iPhone 6

The advertisement shows us a little boy who loses his helium balloon. It is then followed by several processors ofiPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The phone’s camera is therefore praised, in terms of its quality, but also in terms of its functionality. The camera and sound slow motion mode are also there.

Finally, the ball is recovered by a family, at the top of a mountain. A photo is immediately sent to the person who seems to be the father of the child, via the Internet. In this case, this is the part connectivity and communication which is presented. Advertising is successful to say the least, since it remains true to what Apple usually offers, namely simple and original spots at the same time.