Orange and TF1 will offer targeted advertisements on TV from January 2021

Orange has just signed an agreement with TF1 to offer targeted advertising to its customers. This agreement should come into force in January 2021 and will allow you to broadcast ads in line with your habits. Note that it will be possible to refuse the process.

Credit: Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

Targeted advertising on television has been around for a long time. This is why toy ads are broadcast between two cartoons and stair climbers are placed just before Numbers and Letters. But Orange wants to go even further for TV ads, by targeting no longer a category of viewers, but each individual, as is already done on the net.

Orange has just signed a partnership with the TF1 group in order to offer a targeting option for its customers. If you are equipped with an Orange Livebox, the advertisements you will see on the TF1 group channels will not be the same as the other viewers, since they are adapted to your consumption habits.

To target your tastes, Orange must of course collect data. If you watch a lot of sports, for example, the operator will understand this and show you related advertisements. However, it should be noted that the process may very well be refused by the consumer, who will then have the same advertisements as everyone else.

France Télévisions also concerned

TF1 is not the first group to sign such a partnership with Orange around advertising. Indeed, the operator has already concluded an agreement with France Télévisions on the same subject. Here again, the “service” will come into effect in January and it will also be possible to refuse it.

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At the same time, Orange and TF1 announced the arrival a new replay service in the course of 2021, which will offer, against a subscription, to view the channel’s programs without any advertising breaks.

Television is therefore becoming less and less linear and is inspired by the Internet in the area of ​​advertising. And you, would you be interested in targeted advertising on television? On the contrary, are you going to hasten to deactivate this option? Tell us in the comments !