Orange and SFR sign an agreement on fiber optics

800,000 more households connected to optical fiber

Image 1: Orange and SFR sign a fiber optic agreementMajor maneuvers are underway on the deployment of optical fiber. Orange and SFR have just signed an agreement to this effect.

Only for moderately dense areas

This agreement will only run in moderately dense areas. Indeed, last December the legal framework was defined almost definitively for dense areas: the model will be multi-fbre. For moderately dense areas, therefore moderately profitable, SFR and Orange have decided to join forces under a common group. The respective networks of the two operators will be linked to a common pooling point. From the latter, a single operator will deploy the fiber to the final subscribers.

We will thus obtain a single network for areas ranging from 100 to 1000 dwellings. Third-party operators can then rent this network to market their offers. Last December Bouygues signed an agreement with Numericable to use its fiber optic network. Now remains the sparsely populated areas, for which the large loan will allocate 2 billion euros via a national fund. Public-private partnerships will be favored to develop satellite offers with the aim of covering 750,000 homes with very high speed.

  • Bouygues Télécom launches into fiber with Numericable