Orange agrees with SFR on fiber

800,000 more households connected to optical fiber

Optical fiberDeployment of optical fiberAn optical fiber is a glass or plastic wire. Its diameter is very thin and has an interesting property: conducting light. Surrounded… continues to be a touchy subject between operators, especially when it comes to Orange.

However, today, an agreement has been reached between Orange and SFR-Neuf Cegetel, so that a household connected by one to fiber optics can also be connected to the networkLAN is the acronym for the English term Local Area Network, which can be translated into French by Local Network. Its definition consists of a set of gold… the other.

Is fiber finally interoperable?

Households connected to Orange fiber optics will be able to subscribe to SFR-Neuf Cegetel, and vice versa. If this news seems normal when it comes to ADSL, it is much less so with regard to optical fiber. Indeed, until now, when an operator cabled a building in optical fiber, it was a priority to subscribe the inhabitants of the building to its own offer. Today, the condominium trustees will have the choice of the company that will wire their building (Orange or SFR-Neuf Cegetel), but also of the access provider, which may be different.

For the moment, this agreement only concerns certain areas in France: Pau, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Metz, Nice, Poitiers, Toulouse as well as Paris, namely the cities in which the two operators deploy, or have already deployed their infrastructure. There remains now the question of Free, also engaged in the battle of fiber optics, but which risks going it alone after an agreement of this kind.