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Optrix HD: iPhone support for filming your extreme sports sessions

Optrix HD: iPhone support for filming your extreme sports sessions

looking for a solution that will allow you to film with your iPhone in extreme conditions? The new Optrix HD holder / box is an ideal solution.

Recently marketed, the new Optric HD support / box will certainly make you think twice, not to rush on a Go Pro HD camera system sold significantly more expensive. When you know that the iPhone 4S allows wonders in terms of video recording (1080p with stabilization system), what could be better than being able to use it to film during a race on a motorcycle, by bike or still during a downhill ski run? So this is the idea offered here with the Optrix HD which thanks to its waterproof shell (splashing, let's be clear) will allow you to film to record moments of life in extreme conditions.

If the shell is waterproof to a certain extent, it is also resistant to impact and drops. You will therefore have the possibility of attaching the shell, thanks to the support provided, wherever you want (motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, ski helmet, dashboard of a car, etc.). Note that the fastening system is equipped with a high performance 3M adhesive, capable of replacing rivets, welds and silicone seals in the industrial sector.

Access to the preserved touch screen.

Once placed in the case, the iPhone screen remains accessible thanks to a membrane with a thickness of 0.5 mm. During a break from your sports session, you will therefore have easy access to all of your applications and even already be able to enjoy an overview of your video prowess.

Two dedicated applications.

Available for free on the AppStore, the Optrix VideoSport application allows you to easily edit / record a sequence. More complete, the Optrix VideoPro application (7.99) adds a multitude of information to the interface, thus transforming an iDevice into a real cockpit: instantaneous speed, cornering speed, acceleration (in G), lap time, etc., each movement is analyzed by the application and displayed live.

Support / Optrix HD box is proposed on the MacWay online store at the price of 89.

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