Oppo unveils foldable phone concept in several places

Oppo unveils foldable phone concept in several places

Oppo introduced the Slide Phone. This is a smartphone concept whose main idea is to fold in several places. If the Chinese manufacturer does not plan to manufacture or market it, this concept gives us an idea of ​​its work paths for the future.

Foldable oppo

Oppo imagines what its smartphone of the future could look like with the Slide Phone. This imaginary phone, designed in partnership with Japanese design studio Nendo, will not be released. On the other hand, it gives an idea of ​​the working paths of Oppo. It’s about a foldable smartphone in several places which, when fully closed, is no bigger than a credit card.

The Slide Phone is in fact like a large 7-inch screen placed on a shell in several equal parts. By folding the terminal in half, it becomes very small (54 x 84 mm), like a Samsung Z Flip. Unlike the latter, the Slide Phone folds in several places. It is thus possible to let appear that an end of the screen for notifications. It is also possible to display two-thirds screen for taking selfies or making video calls.

A concept phone that could inspire Oppo

Last important point: the slide phone has a stylus, in order to take notes quickly by unfolding the screen like a notebook. The video shared by Oppo and Nendo is very explicit on the use of the smartphone, and even reveals how it is recharged.

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In fact, the idea is rather interesting, even if the screen completely unfolded could be impractical in use. In addition, this project is technically feasible. We now know how to make foldable screens for consumer products. Now remains to know if Oppo will want to embark on the adventure with something that comes close to this bold concept. In any case, foldable smartphones are democratizing and we imagine that it is not a matter of time before we see Oppo launch. The manufacturer has even already filed patents in this regard.

And you, what do you think of this concept of Oppo? Do you see yourself using this type of format every day? On the contrary, do you find the foldable screens completely gimmicky? Tell us in the comments.