Oppo and Xiaomi reveal selfie sensors under the screen

Image 1 : Oppo et Xiaomi dévoilent des capteurs à selfie sous l'écran

Image 1: Oppo and Xiaomi reveal selfie sensors under the screen

Oppo unveiled its new technology in a short video on Twitter. The Chinese company promises a surprise for ” those looking for a perfect experience without a notch. The video lasts about ten seconds. The sensor under the slab remains invisible, but it seems to be working fine. Indeed, towards the end of the video, a person puts his finger on it, thus blocking the view.

Oppo and Xiaomi take a decisive step

Shortly after Oppo, Xiaomi responded with their own video with similar technology. The film compare two devices : the first has a notch, while the second does not. A person grabs the second device and takes a small selfie.

The front sensor remains the last obstacle before the realization of a smartphone whose body / screen ratio around 100%. A few years ago, manufacturers already installed the fingerprint sensor under the slab. A current technology today and found especially on the P30 Pro from Huawei or the Galaxy S10 from Samsung. Some also use vibrating screens as a loudspeaker. By moving the camera, manufacturers will really offer a “borderless” phone.

Brian Shen, Vice-President of Oppo, however, made a point, and she is big. He pointed out that the optical quality of the sensor placed under the screen will not be excellent. No luck for selfie fans, therefore. They will have to wait a while before the technology really improves.

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