blocking after judgment of the European Court of Justice

operators activate simple DNS blocking

Free was the first to activate this block. Orange has just followed and Bouygues Telecom will do so before the end of this week. Like SFR, there is no choice for these Internet service providers who obey a court decision (pronounced on December 4) and must block access to The Pirate Bay for their subscribers before February 21.

stop signThis court decision follows a complaint filed by the SCPP (Civil Society of Phonographic Producers) which represents almost 80% of the rights of French music producers. Almost complete knowing that music is far from the main demand on The Pirate Bay.

As The Pirate Bay experienced some setbacks with the Swedish authorities in December and left the screens until its return on February 1, the blocking in France – which also relates to redirect sites and mirrors – had not been applied. The SCPP had not notified the court decision to the ISPs.

Now that it has entered into action, we realize that this blocking is done at the DNS level as we would have expected. Suffice to say that it is easily bypassed and will not divert hardcore users from the site. To see if on the other hand that will be enough to divert the common of the Net surfers.

No need to go through the cracks via a VPN solution. You just have to modify the DNS parameters of your network configuration (to no longer go through those of your ISP) and opt for OpenDNS servers which offer a free DNS redirection service. Another possibility of the same ilk with Google Public DNS and which is also in IPv6. But the most eyebrowful may not want to go through Google.

Update : as several readers have pointed out to us, in the field of simple statements, it is also possible to opt for DNS resolvers from French Data Network.

The Tor network with its ready-to-use browser based on Firefox is another possibility, as is PirateBrowser, the browser of … The Pirate Bay which combines Firefox Portable, the FoxyProxy add-on, the Tor Vidalia client and personalized configurations .

The blocking of The Pirate Bay in France joins a long list of other countries that have passed there one day or the other. But the torrent links site seems unsinkable. In France, the blocking of access entered into force for a period of one year.