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Opera Mini

One of the best web browsers for Android smartphones and tablets. It is fast, easy to use and allows good data savings by compressing the images and thanks to the integrated ad blocker. Downloadable and ideal for older and newer devices!

Opera cut for savings

Opera Mini is a revamped and lighter version of the famous Norwegian web browser Opera for Android tablets and smartphones. Why Mini ? This version allows you to easily browse the web while saving money on your mobile plan and is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and above.

This lightened browser thus offers tracking of the mobile data saved during navigation as well as an ad blocker making it possible to drastically reduce the loading times of certain sites.

Opera Mini is therefore intended for small smartphones or people with a limited data plan. In addition, thanks to a page compression system, it will allow you to navigate faster even on a low speed connection.

Navigate with ease

This version Mini ofOpera integrates all the essential functionalities to enjoy the Internet with ease between the SpeedDial home page, the customizable news feed as well as the management of several tabs and a private browsing mode.

The browser also offers the user to save a web page for future offline consultation and add a favorite site directly to the device’s home screen.

We also note a synchronization feature to find your favorites, open tabs and identifiers on the various devices connected to Opera.

Mobile data management also means download management. This will allow you to easily postpone the downloading of large files. They will resume as soon as you are back on a WiFi connection in particular.

Opera is a serious company committed to the long term. Thus, the application has known for several years very many updates making the browser always more efficient.

Small features that allow the browser to excel

If the browser stands out from its competitors, it is thanks to many functions and more sympathetic parameters than the others. Note for example the presence of a night mode, perfect for sailing at night without hurting your eyes.

Also add that the classic version of Opera on Android is not as fluid and light, this version is therefore particularly aimed at small configurations.

If there was a small defect to be found at Opera Mini, it might be at the interface level. It remains very basic and almost dated. It is not certain that it will appeal to all users. However, it looks more like a browser interface on a computer, which will have the merit of not losing the user.

It is now very clearly one of the fastest browsers on Android to surf the internet. In a few clicks, the pages will load systematically. If Google Chrome has also incorporated similar page compression functionality, Opera Mini still remains today a real must.