Opening of an Apple Store Marbella

Opening of an Apple Store Marbella

Spain has one more Apple Store since this Friday! This time, it’s Marbella that the Cupertino firm wanted to take up its spaces and more precisely in the La Canada shopping center. One of our internet users, Alain, was present today when the new brand was opened to the general public.

According to his information, there was a queue of at least 500 people if not double, “The line was almost 200 meters” he tells us. As usual with the opening of an Apple Store or the launch of a new product such as the iPhone, it took patience to get into the new store, “Apple Store staff let people in slowly. People at the head of the very long queue (which could last up to 6 hours) had to wait almost two minutes to be able to pass through the doors ”, he adds. However, Apple Store staff had nevertheless planned to keep aficionados patient in good conditions “Everyone received coffee and croissants” He explains. And for people who had the patience to wait, sometimes for many hours, a gift was there. “The customers who came out of the store all received a small box a little larger than that of the iPhone (Editor's note: probably a t-shirt)”Concludes Alain who admitted to us that he did not have the patience to queue.

The Apple Store in Marbella is the fourth Apple store in Spain after those in Barcelona and Madrid (2x).

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Alain's photo report:

Thank you Alain (Alaindm on the forum) for the report! 😉