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An attractive application and concept that will delight those who want to compartmentalize their phones and their lives. To test !

If dual SIM phones are more and more common allowing the use of his mobile both for the pro and for the personal they are not unanimous either. Not only does the process strictly limit the number of numbers to 2, but two subscriptions and two SIM cards are also required.

What if you want to further fragment your contacts? Have 3, 4 numbers? An answer exists in particular thanks to the application and the service onoff.

Once the user is registered, the application offers him to choose a new phone number for free (in addition to the current one). Each issue beyond the first will be billed monthly (2.99 € at the time of writing).

Each of the virtual lines thus created can operate in parallel with the others without interference from calls, reception, text messages, messaging and even base contacts.

The application is extremely clear in its use. Each line is individually configurable and can be online or offline depending on the user’s wishes. Note that it is also possible to configure a number as private, authorizing access only after entering a password.

Finally, the designers of the app have equipped it with social features allowing you to add your friends and share on the network.