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OnLive, the future of gaming on iPhone and iPod Touch?

The CEO of the company OnLive, Steve Perlman, made a demonstration of their software on two iPhones, simultaneously, to highlight the capabilities of their revolutionary gaming system, run remotely. The purpose here was to show thatOnLive is fully capable of running on an iPhone or another smartphone without the slightest problem.

Indeed, the purpose of OnLive is to be able to profit, on any hardware configuration of a computer, no matter how small, of the latest games requiring considerable system configurations.

The principle is simple but we had to think about it; powerful servers run the latest games (according to a catalog pre-defined by OnLive) which are accessible via client software (Mac and Windows) and a video stream is transmitted via the internet to the user's screen.Depending on the internet connection, the image is more or less compressed.

Thus, it is quite possible to play a game like Crysis on a computer equipped with an Intel Pentium 4 processor with 128Mb of RAM and 64Mb of graphics memory, for example. Simply put, the power of the OnLive system lies in the user's internet bandwidth capacity who can enjoy the latest games released on the market.

Present initially on Mac and PC and via a small box that can be connected to an HD television, the OnLive system is therefore being ported to iPhone in order to enjoy games that are not available on iPhone.

The only unknown is the handling of the games originally intended for desktop computers, and which are launched on an iPhone via this system designed by OnLive!

Steve Perlman has not given any date regarding the availability of their software, under development, for the iPhone.

To cite some examples of games available in the beta version for Windows and Mac (the games require a purchase on the OnLive servers to be able to play them, even if the user is already in possession of an existing license for a PC version ): – Bioshock– Unreal Tournament 3– Grid– Crysis– FEAR 2– Burnout Paradise– Tomb Rider Underworld, – Etc…

We discuss it on the forum (Also find a demonstration of the OnLive system on PC and Mac on the forum).

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