OnLive streaming game service arrives on iPad

OnLive streaming game service arrives on iPad

OnLive, this new game service distributed from powerful servers, your computer now comes to iOS and, more precisely, to iPad.

OnLive offers a series of recent games that are not installed on your computer but run remotely and from which you receive an interactive video with which you can control the actions in the game.

We find Assassin’s Creed II, Borderland, DIRT 2, F.E.A.R. 2, Just Cause 2, LEGO Batman, LEGO Harry Potter, Mafia II, NBA 2010, and many more other games. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Driver, Fear 3 will soon be available in the catalog.

These run at full power on OnLive’s servers so this is a standard benefit since you don’t have to have a powerful machine to run recent games. It is however recommended to have a VDSL line to take advantage of High-Definition.

This service is currently available on Mac and PC and should officially land in Belgium around the beginning of 2011 thanks to a partnership with Belgacom.

Currently, it is possible to try a demo version of the games available for 30 minutes, or either pay to play a game fully for 3 or 5 days or buy the full game. A subscription service of $ 9.99 / month allows you to take full advantage of the OnLive catalog for one month.

For now, you can already try the OnLive service for free via:

The free app OnLive for iPad (a version for iPhone is provided), allows, at present, only to watch videos of games and other players playing on Mac and PC. But the developers promise that it will soon be possible to take full advantage of OnLive's services on your iPad.

We discuss it on the forum.

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