OnePlus Band: here is the first rendering of the connected bracelet at 40 dollars

If we know that OnePlus will release its first connected watch in 2021, the manufacturer also has a second connected object in its boxes: a connected bracelet. And according to Android Central, the accessory will be released even before the watch.

Yes OnePlus is known for its smartphones, the brand has been trying to diversify its activity into other areas for almost two years. OnePlus launched its OnePlus TV range of televisions, and released several iterations of its OnePlus Buds wireless headphones. It does not intend to stop there and is preparing to invest in another market: a OnePlus watch is thus in preparation, the information having been confirmed by the Chinese giant itself. Although the existence of it has been made official and we already know that it will be launched next year, the watch will be preceded by another accessory.

Because OnePlus also wants to tackle the connected bracelets, an area today dominated by brands like Xiaomi, Fitbit or Honor. The accessory is expected to be unveiled at 1st quarter 2021 and tackling entry-level models like the Mi Band 5 head-on. At the same time, Mukul Sharma’s Twitter account @stufflistings posted the first visual of the bracelet. According to the leak, the OnePlus Band will be available in 3 colors: black / gray, gray / orange and purple.

The OnePlus Band will be a cheap bracelet and a perfect competitor to the Mi Band 5

If we are to believe the information gleaned by Android Central, the OnePlus Band should be worth around 40 dollars. A relatively low price and which is not without making think of another bracelet like the Mi Band 5 from Xiaomi. Moreover, the OnePlus Band should offer features similar to those of Xiaomi’s connected bracelet: water resistance, AMOLED display, long-term autonomy

The bracelet, like the OnePlus Buds Z headphones or smartphones from the recent OnePlus Nord range, will therefore be placed in the category of hyper affordable devices. The accessory is expected to be launched in India first, before being marketed in other countries thereafter. India is a crucial country for the brand, which generates a third of its sales there. The country therefore acts as a “tester”, as is the case for OnePlus televisions. And if we refer to the launch schedule, the OnePlus Band could be announced at the same time as the OnePlus 9.

Source: Android Central