OnePlus: active noise canceling headphones to be launched in 2021

OnePlus has several projects in its boxes for 2021. The Chinese manufacturer quickly returned to some of them, such as improvements to the photo part of the brand’s smartphones, new features dedicated to gaming or a new reduction system. active noise.

oneplus buds z
Credit: OnePlus

OnePlus celebrates the end of this year 2020 by giving a little glance in the rearview mirror. On its official website, the manufacturer returned to the various features integrated into OxygenOS, the improvements made to the Photo module of the brand’s smartphones, or even the optimizations carried out on the OnePlus stamped headphones.

Apart from this retrospective, OnePlus also evoked the Open Ear Forums, videoconferences organized by the manufacturer and centered on the audio quality of the brand’s devices. During these conversations, OnePlus has given some clues about these upcoming projects in 2021. Thus and concerning the brand’s headphones, OnePlus ensures that it is working hard to improve the overall quality of sound reproduction. More specifically, the company clarified that it was working on a new active noise reduction system (ANC).

OnePlus wireless headphones with ANC in 2021?

In other words, there is a good chance of seeing this new ANC integrated into a new pair of headphones. As a reminder, OnePlus launched in July 2020 the OnePlus Buds, wireless headphones of good quality and offered at a very good price. In November 2020, OnePlus continues its momentum and unveils the OnePluds Buds Z, Dolby Atmos compatible in-ear headphones.

In addition to this announcement relating to active noise reduction, OnePlus is still looking to improve the photo performance of its devices. In particular, the company wants to correct problems with the automatic white balance or smart capture. These software problems could be fixed quickly with the help of Leica. Indeed, Leica could sign the photo part of the OnePlus 9 and its expertise, as a world reference in optics, could do the greatest good to OnePlus.

As a reminder, the launch of the OnePlus 9 would be scheduled for March 2021. The Chinese manufacturer should offer three variations of the OnePlus 9. As usual, the range would consist of a Vanilla model, a OnePlus 9 Lite and a OnePlus 9 Pro.

Source: OnePlus