OnePlus: a smartwatch is in preparation, it’s official

OnePlus is working on a smartwatch. Peter Lau, CEO of OnePlus, announces it. If the existence of this connected watch is confirmed, there is no indication that it will run on Wear OS. With this product, OnePlus is tackling a new format, after smartphones and headphones.

A concept of onePlus Watch

OnePlus is working on a connected watch. It is none other than Peter Lau, the CEO of the Sino-Finnish brand, who confirms this in an interview with Inputmag. He affirms that the product is under development, but that there is no indication yet that it will be released.

Indeed, this is not the first time that OnePlus has been working on its smartwatch. Peter Lau explains that a first was developed in 2015. The format was booming at the time, thanks to Apple and its Apple Watch and Google’s Wear OS. However, it was put aside at the last moment, OnePlus having to urgently resolve the heating problems of the OnePlus 2 (caused by the Snapdragon 810). In addition, he claims that releasing a smartwatch would probably have spread his company too thinly.

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In this interview, Peter Lau also indicates that the brand works with Google to improve Wear OS, in particular on the connectivity of this platform with other Android systems. Nevertheless, nothing says that the new watch from OnePlus will run on this OS.

OnePlus does not confirm a watch on Wear OS

Indeed, 9to5Google, which relayed the interview, understood that the OnePlus Smartwatch would run on this platform. But the brand wanted to clarify the words of its CEO, saying no, Peter Lau never confirmed that the smartwatch and the Wear OS talk were related.

It remains to be seen whether OnePlus will launch with this new product. The timing seems right. In 2020, the brand has indeed diversified its offer, by offering high-end smartphones, the 8 series, but also more affordable products, such as the North. More than that, it markets other objects, such as wireless headphones, for example the One Buds Z, or televisions in India. The watch would not that the logical continuation to all this.

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Source: Inputmag