OnePlus 9: this prototype sold for 6000 dollars on eBay can be blocked at any time

The OnePlus 9 ended up for sale on eBay, while the smartphone has not even been formalized by the Chinese brand. The price of the device of 6,000 dollars obviously did not put off fans of the brand, since the auction is now over, indicating that the smartphone has found a buyer.

OnePlus 9 ebay

If the OnePlus 9 will not be unveiled until March or April 2021, a lot of information about the smartphone has already been leaked. Apart from the classic information coming from a “source close to the file”, the smartphone also landed in the hands of a leaker, who was quick to release pictures of the device.

But the tester in question also wanted to take advantage of the OnePlus 9, months before its official marketing. A few days ago, he put the smartphone up for sale on eBay with a price of 3000 dollars. If the device appeared to be subject to a T-Mobile subscription, the auction specified that the smartphone had been unlocked and that it was compatible for any operator. The auction has however been withdrawn, the seller having probably noticed that it was possible to track his device thanks to the photos and to trace it back to him.

He sells the OnePlus 9 on eBay, months before its official announcement

The story does not end there. The same device quickly resurfaced on eBay. But this time, the seller no longer delivers any information allowing to identify the smartphone and its owner. The price of the device has also been revised upwards, since it has literally doubled. And the seller has taken the lead, in case OnePlus blocks the phone remotely. He warns the potential buyer with the following message:

I am not responsible for the deletion of this phone from OnePlus, or whatever the builder might do after purchase. If you buy it, you agree to these conditions. “In short, the seller has no qualms about the resale of the OnePlus 9 or even about the fact that it will no longer work, once in the hands of its new owner.

The auction is now closed. Two hypotheses are possible: either the OnePlus 9 has found a buyer, or eBay has ended the sale prematurely. A smartphone acquired who knows not how, which is probably a preview of the final model and which could be blocked by OnePlus, this is however enough to cool the enthusiasm.

Anyway, there are only a few months to wait before you can get your hands on it in the most legitimate way. At the time of its marketing, the smartphone will benefit from Android 11, a definitive firmware and the very last update of OxygenOS. The choice is quickly made, don’t you think?

Source: AndroidPolice