OnePlus 9 design leak

OnePlus 9: a 9E model on the program, it would be released in early 2021

The third model in the OnePlus 9 series would be called the OnePlus 9E, which the company plans to unveil early next year. It is still difficult to know in what price range this new smartphone will be located, or if it will be more or less efficient than the other two models. It would seem in any case that OnePlus is bringing its strategy closer to that of Samsung by offering devices for all wallets.

OnePlus 9 design leak
Credits: ConceptCreator x LetsGoDigital

A few sources had already revealed that the brand would prepare 3 different variants of OnePlus 9. New leaks reveal that the 3rd model would be called “9E“. If the firm resumes its habits, we can logically expect to find this new version alongside the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. It is very likely that its launch is scheduled for March 2021, like other smartphones in the range.

This name comes from the renowned leaker Max J, known for having already unveiled information on the Chinese manufacturer’s smartphones. “It remains to be seen whether the 9E will be more expensive than the standard OnePlus 9 or if it will be even more affordable”. Indeed, we do not yet know the price nor the performance of last. It is still difficult for the moment to speculate on its characteristics.

OnePlus wants to offer models at all prices

However, it seems that OnePlus is trying to emulate its competitors by offering smartphones at different price ranges. We thus find the OnePlus Nord N at the entry level, the OnePlus Nord in the mid-range, the standard OnePlus as a flagship and the OnePlus Pro at the top of the range, which offers all the features of modern smartphones.

While very little is still known about the 9E, the other two models in the future range have already revealed some of their characteristics. The OnePlus 9’s 48-megapixel camera will be similar to the 8T, while the OnePlus 9 Pro’s design was the subject of a leaked video yesterday. Both smartphones should be equipped with a processor Snapdragon 875 and at least 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage. You can expect their battery to recharge faster than that of their predecessors.

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