OnePlus 8T: OxygenOS update fixes a host of bugs

The OnePlus 8T receives a new OxygenOS update. This new iteration especially allows OnePlus to correct the bugs that appeared with the previous update. In the process, the OxygenOS update brings several more general improvements, in particular with regard to the fingerprint reader under the screen.

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At the end of December 2020, OnePlus rolled out OxygenOS update to the OnePlus 8T. The firmware was supposed to optimize the speed of the fingerprint scanner as well as the quality of the night photos. Unfortunately, the update mostly brought a handful of bugs and glitches.

For example, the smartphone’s media player would pause for no reason at regular intervals. According to user testimonials, the firmware was also accompanied by slowdowns, freezes and various bugs. Overall, the OnePlus 8T’s interface was much less stable.

OnePlus 8T OxygenOS update improves fingerprint reader

To correct the situation, OnePlus has just announced the deployment of the OxygenOS update. According to the changelog, the firmware fixes the media player bug, a problem that prevented the smartphone from connecting to the WiFi network and a malfunction of the photo gallery.

Like the previous update, this new version takes the opportunity to improve the speed of the fingerprint reader under the screen, navigation gestures as well as the quality of the photos in these low light conditions. It also includes the November 2020 Android security patch, so it is essentially a fix to the previous firmware.

As always, OnePlus is rolling out the update to a limited handful of devices first. Secondly, the firmware will be offered on a larger scale. To check if the update is already available on your OnePlus 8T, simply go to the menu Settings, then in About the device, and in Software update. If an update is available, just click Start the update. Did you notice any improvements or issues after installing the update? We await your opinion in the comments.