OnePlus 8T vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

OnePlus 8T or iPhone 12 Pro Max? OnePlus surprised everyone in this photo blind test

The YouTuber put the OnePlus 8T and the iPhone 12 Pro Max through a photo blind test. Verdict? The race is won hands down by the OnePlus 8T as soon as the prejudices and the conditioning operated by the brands disappear.

OnePlus 8T vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

You probably know the American youtuber MKBHD, who specializes in producing visually perfect videos on all kinds of tech products. Marques Brownlee, whose real name is, is an image enthusiast, and one only needs to watch a few of his behind-the-scenes videos of his channel’s production to understand how much he likes the image to be beautiful, crisp and precise. , every year, the channel is offering a giant photo blind test which seems to be establishing itself more and more as an unmissable event.

The principle is simple: MKBHD takes the 16 best smartphones of the year and have them take the same photos. Smartphones are randomly dueled. And MKBHD’s many followers on Twitter and Instagram vote for their favorite shot, without knowing the brand of the smartphone in question. The winner of each match faces the winner of the adjacent match, much like in knockout sports tournaments. In the end, of course, there is only one left.

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IPhone 12 Pro Max knocked out in MKBHD’s first round photo blind test

The conclusions of these blind tests are often surprising, and for good reason: the way we look at brands, and the packaging in which they can immerse us can bias the opinion we have on the photos from such or such smartphone. Last year, the iPhone 11 Pro Max was also shriveled up very quickly. It should nevertheless be noted that the mode of selection, here, direct elimination, poses in itself a mathematical bias. Since knockout tournaments in sport tend statistically to favor outsiders.

All the iPhones were thus eliminated in the first round. This includes the best iPhone 12 pictured this year, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, whose photos turn out to be less beautiful than those of the OnePlus 8T according to internet users. . The other iPhone in the selection, the iPhone SE 2020, also gave way to the Moto Edge + in the first round. The big winner of this blind test? It is the Zenfone 7 Pro from Asus which wins a narrow victory against the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

Of course, this does not mean that the sensors of the other smartphones in the selection are bad, but simply that for the general public, the images of the smartphones that have won the competition are more pleasing and pleasing to the eye – without going so far as to compare the level of detail, or any other metric on which manufacturers usually struggle to highlight their device. What do you think of the conclusions of this test? Share your opinion in the comments!