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On Snapchat, organize a video chat with 16 people

Mobile lifestyle 101

To keep in touch with your loved ones, especially in this period of confinement, many applications offer a group video calling feature.

We are thinking in particular of WhatsApp, Instagram and FaceTime. As amazing as it may seem, Snapchat can also share it with you, even allowing up to 16 users at a time.

To help you use it wisely, we have created a tutorial with the 5 steps to start a video chat several.

Create multiple video calls on Snapchat

It is very simple to set up a Snapchat group chat, for this:

  • Launch Snapchat.
  • Touch theicon of Cat, bottom left.
  • Open a new chat by pressing thebubble icon with pencil, top right.
  • Select multiple friends from the list, then press Chat with a group.
  • Make a video call withvideo camera icon, at the top of the window.

Your contacts will then receive a notification asking them to join the chat, and when they do, a bubble with their name will appear on your screen.

Note that voice chats can accommodate up to 32 members, and videos are limited to 16.