On Android, malware likes to disguise itself as games

On Android, malware likes to disguise itself as games

Image 1: On Android, malware likes to disguise itself as games

A malware just discovered in popular Android app, which had the distinction of being broadcast directly on the Google Play Store. This is the game Viking Jump, downloaded by several thousand users, which contained the malware, which remained undetected by Google.

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Nicknamed “Viking Horde”, the virus in question is “persistent” and “difficult, if not impossible to remove manually”, explains its discoverers from the security firm Check Point. Once installed, the application immediately contacts a network of zombie computers (or botnet) controlled by the person or persons responsible for the attack via the device’s connection, and opens remote access to the infected device. An infected smartphone can behave in various ways, some reported effects range from sending advertising text messages without the owner’s knowledge at from possible data theft. In addition, rooted smartphones, which therefore provide deeper access to the system, would allow malware to download and install components making it more difficult to remove.

Viking Jump is not the only application to have spread malware on the Google Play Store without being detected. Check Point reports that already five different applications have already been behind similar attacks on Android: “Parrot Copter”, “WiFi Plus”, “Memory Booster” and “Simple 2048” are therefore to be avoided. The affected apps are still available on the Google Play Store at the time of this writing, and Google has yet to respond to this recent discovery.

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