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What is Olvid?

Launched in 2018 in response to so-called encrypted applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, Olvid is secure instant text messaging, respecting privacy and anonymity. We exchange exclusively with his contacts, without the risk of receiving messages from strangers.

How does Olvid work?

To communicate via Olvid, all parties must be present on the application, on iOS and Android.

It is important to note that no account is required. When using the app for the first time, the user is invited to generate an ID from their first and last name, or a pseudonym. This information is used to create a personal identification key which is exchanged with his contacts to validate the opening of a communication channel.

Adding a contact is done securely since you first have to scan the QR code of your contact, then exchange their respective four-digit codes. In other words, it is impossible to receive unwanted messages from contacts not added.

Whether it is the identification key, the content sent and received or the identity of the contacts added, no information is transmitted to the servers ofOlvid. All identification and message data and metadata are encrypted from start to finish to guarantee perfect anonymity of correspondents as well as the security of their personal information.

What can we do with Olvid?

Nowadays, Olvid is purely text messaging. It is possible to communicate with two or more thanks to the support of group conversations. In addition to written messages, correspondents can share files, photos and videos that are also encrypted from start to finish. However, it is not possible to make voice or video calls.

To enhance the security of trade, Olvid has a series of customizable parameters such as automatic keyboard switching to incognito mode, prohibition of taking screenshots, the use of a lock code or biometric recognition to access the app, or the creation of backup keys encrypting files and data exported online or locally.

In use, what do we think of it?

One cannot deny the feeling of shielding which emanates fromOlvid from the first use. The absence of account creation is a force for the application which intends to prove its will to respect the privacy of its users.

Although it is tedious, adding new contacts meets all the security requirements, while double authentication by scanning QR code and then exchanging four-digit codes guarantees the integrity of correspondents.

In use, Olvid is stable, fluid and fast. Messages sent or received are instantly delivered, provided of course that the network is of good quality.

Besides the missing call functions, the only real fault ofOlvid resides in its owner status. Ultimately, its founders should release the source code of the application, which is now only accessible to YesWeHack members. It is however still possible to consult the list of open source components allowing to operate Olvid from the app settings.