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Olvid: discover more secure French messaging than WhatsApp and Telegram

Olvid is the messaging service of a French start-up: the application is presented as the most secure on the market, and for good reason – conversations, systematically encrypted, connect the user and their recipient directly, without going through a central server.

Olvid Android Olvid interface on Android / Crédits: Olvid

Between WhatsApp, now in the bosom of Facebook for better or for worse, Telegram, whose independence from Russian power has not been demonstrated, or Signal, which since 2015 has received funds from the American government, find a messaging that truly guarantees the secrecy of your communications in 2020 is less easy than it seems. End-to-end encryption is no longer a real guarantee, as these three market-leading applications are all based on a centralized architecture with intermediary servers.

Therefore, a government actor or even hackers can potentially access unencrypted conversations as soon as they manage to access the servers of these applications. It is precisely on this ground that the application of a French startup, Olvid, pulls out of the game. Olvid comes in the form of an Android and iOS application with more or less the same features as WhatsApp and other competitors.

Olvid, messaging without intermediaries

You can use the application to communicate with friends and business contacts, create discussion groups, send photos, videos and other files. The difference is mainly due to encryption and security. Olvid indeed offers strong encryption, but unlike WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal, each conversation establishes a direct link with the recipient (s), without going through a central server.

Therefore, even if Olvid's servers (they still have them to manage the application infrastructure or user accounts) would be hacked, the content of private conversations can in no case be exposed. In fact, the only way to have access to these conversations is to do so via the recipient's or sender's smartphone. Olvid’s encryption is based on a cryptographic engine based on five years of research.

When you invite a contact to join a discussion, you can do so by presenting them with a QR code or by sending them a one-time use link by SMS or any other sharing method. Its designers explain that the applicationOlvid is free at first, without saying whether or not this free will end soon.

In an interview with Challenges, the managers of this secure messaging made in France explain that theApplication security is based on our state-of-the-art cryptography which mathematically proves the integrity, confidentiality and anonymity of user communications.and add that this security can be particularly usefulduring crisis management or for an executive on the move in a country like Russia or China.

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You can test the Olvid app now by downloading it from the Play Store:

Download Olvid on Google Play Store

Source: Challenges

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