OLED screens: Samsung announces their arrival on laptops

Samsung has posted a video in which it touts OLED displays on laptops. An important announcement for the company, which plans to increase its production rate in this segment. For the moment, OLED screens remain rare and expensive on laptops.

Sasmsung OLED

Laptops with an OLED screen are not common, in addition to being expensive. Some manufacturers, such as Dell, Gigabyte, Razer or even Asus offer equipped models, but most laptops on the market have a good old IPS LCD panel, less expensive. But Samsung wants to spend the second, as announced in a new video.

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Samsung is the king of OLED screens on smartphones. If the technology is also available on larger formats, such as televisions, it remains in the minority. The firm plans to increase production of its screens on laptops, as this video suggests. A teasing that does not specify when the thing will happen for the different manufacturers. For the moment, no laptop announced by the brand (not available in France) is even equipped with an OLED panel.

OLED, a clear improvement on laptops

OLED screens remain expensive, but provide a significant improvement over a conventional IPS LCD panel. First, the contrast ratio is infinite. The blacks are very deep and the whites are brilliant, in particular thanks to perfect management of the brightness. The latter is also very high, allowing the user to work peacefully outside, as is the case on a smartphone. More than that, the OLED allows a better calibration in terms of colors, and therefore greater fidelity on this point. Last important point, the afterglow is reduced to nothing, which is a major asset for PCs dedicated to games.

So far, the company has announced focus on the 15.6 inch format, very widespread in the world of laptops. If Samsung Display already equipped some manufacturers with OLED panels, it will finally go on a large scale in this year 2021. Remember that other manufacturers, such as LG and Sharp, also produce this type of panel.