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Oddly, the iPad 2 still sells very well

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IPad NewsWhile Apple maintains the pace for the release of new iPads, large or small, the good old iPad 2 is still on sale, while other models of previous generations of the manufacturer are not all as lucky.

Cult of Mac got interested in the question because the iPad 2 is no longer as attractive as its competitors, both in terms of performance and value for money. And the answer is quite surprising: Apple continues to sell the iPad 2, because it is still one of the firm's bestsellers.

According to a study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPad 2 still accounted for 22% of tablet sales in the last quarter and this percentage was even higher in the previous quarter, since it reached 33%.

To explain these figures, our colleagues focus on the improvements made on the iPads. According to them, the changes are less significant between two iPads separated by two years, than between two iPhones with an identical gap. This explains the lower interest of customers to update their tablet, as much as their phone.

Do you think that's correct?