OCZ launches its portable kit

OCZ launches its portable kit

OCZ launches its portable kit

Image 1: OCZ launches its portable kitA major player in the RAM market, OCZ is today launching into the market of portable kit to assemble yourself with the DIY Gaming Notebook.

Customizable portable

This laptop has a 15.4 inch screen that can display up to 1280 x 800 thanks to the GeForce 8600M GT 512 MB graphics chipset stuck in the motherboard. To stay in pure hardware, the chip used by the motherboard is an Intel PM965. Since it is in a kit, OCZ will leave the choice to the buyer to define some elements of its configuration.

Image 2: OCZ launches its portable kitSo you can choose its processor between six Intel Core 2 Duos (T9500, T9300, T8300, T8100, T7700, T7500), its RAM between four OCZ stamped bars up to 4 GB, its Wi-Fi between two systems and its storage medium between a hard disk (from 80 GB to 320 GB) and an SSD (32 GB or 64 GB).

Apart from this customization, the rest of the functionalities remain basic with USB ports, a DVD DL burner, a fingerprint reader or even a network socket. Aimed at players as the name suggests, we regret that it is not possible to change the graphics card of OCZ’s laptop, which an MXM system would have made possible.

A hand-held assembly

Some PC users have been assembling their office machines for a long time, but it must be admitted that mounting your laptop seems a bit far-fetched, but OCZ has provided a guide for smooth assembly.

In general, the finesse of the components and the arrangement of the assembly being played to the millimeter for a laptop which is intended to have a small footprint, only a professional can disassemble it. Conversely, the parts that are contained in a central unit are easily posed thanks to the space guaranteed by a tower, if we except the high-end graphics cards with disproportionate PCBs (printed circuits).

A concept ajar some time ago

Image 3: OCZ launches its portable kitHowever, some manufacturers have already ventured into this IT sector by offering consumers upright laptops. More portable than portable elsewhere, we will cite in this category the Asus C90 in which processor, graphics card, memory, hard drive, Wi-Fi module, optical drive and even the LCD panel can be changed (cf. Asus C90 : an upgradeable laptop).

To return to the DIY Gaming Notebook, OCZ has not yet communicated its prices, but we can already think that will be less salty than expected since the assembly will be the responsibility of the user.

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