OLED technology for Bravia TVs, but also for Xperia smartphones

octocore smartphone illustrating the new strategy of the manufacturer

The mobile branch of Sony Despite being in the midst of restructuring in order to better resist in a context of strong Chinese competition, it does not stand still in the ranks of the Japanese manufacturer. The migration of older models to the Android Lollipop system has benefited from a sustained pace since the correction of youth bugs, while the catalog of smartphones continues to be supplied.

As proof, while Xperia C4 and Xperia Z4 have been talking about them for some time, the first being expected around May / June and the second around September, a new protagonist has surfaced. Sony is reportedly considering retrying the adventure of the Ultra, with a phablet version of its standard bearer.

And that's not all since another model referenced E5503 and known as code Lavender also seems to be entering the battle. Some characteristics have also leaked, evoking the SoC MediaTek MT6752 with its 64-bit octocore processor, its Mali-T760 GPU and its 4G / LTE modem at 150 Mbit / s. They also mention a screen in a definition Full HD.

Sony Xperia Z4 (1). Sony Xperia Z4 (2) Recently leaked photos for the Xperia Z4 (click to enlarge)

Although thin, the information in any case confirms one thing: if Sony continues for the moment to favor Qualcomm for its high-end, it will no longer hesitate to use it from the competitor MediaTek for his models ofentry level, but also for the midrange.

The following diagram is thus obtained: MediaTek for the entry-level, MediaTek / Qualcomm for the mid-range and Qualcomm for the high-end. Suffice to say that Qualcomm will have to work hard to keep Sony's support. Especially since MediaTek now intends to tackle the high end with its SoC Helio.