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OCR function to convert handwritten text

iPadOS 14 - PencilKit

iPadOS 14 includes new functionality PencilKit, to convert handwritten text to standard text. Users can use it in any input field before sending it.

iPadOS 14 - PencilKit

With this function, it will be possible to write text by hand with Apple Pencil in the Notes application, rather than in the Messages application or in a document. Then iPadOS 14 will transform it into standard text before sharing it.

According to information obtained by MacRumors, the function PencilKit seems to work with any text entry field. It works in Messages, Notes, Reminders, Calendar, Mail or whatever. A mobile interface will be displayed each time you touch a text field with Apple Pencil, allowing manual insertion of the text.

Apple does not currently offer OCR function which converts handwritten content to digital content. However, the Note app has a function that recognizes handwritten words for future searches in the app.

Third-party apps also appear to be able to access the PencilKit tool. However, there is still very little detail on this subject.

In addition to this new feature, Apple is also working on a drawing function that supports “Magic fill“. It will allow users to draw a generic shape with the Apple Pencil which will then be automatically completed by iPadOS.