Ocean’s Zero1.0.8435

Ocean's Zero1.0.8435

With a points and challenges system, Ocean’s Zero helps educate all audiences, children and adults, to change their habits to drastically reduce waste in order to limit our impact on the environment and especially the oceans. A good app, without ads or account creation, to learn new gestures and actions to consider and share.

Ocean’s Zero and the Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation Europe is an environmental NGO committed for over 25 years to the defense of the oceans. Through various programs and actions, it acts in particular on raising public awareness of many environmental issues such as aquatic waste, coastal development and water quality.

To this end, the foundation has developed the application Ocean’s Zero to drastically limit its production of waste. The good reflexes and the simple gestures to adopt are approached in 25 challenges to be met in his daily life.

Play and learn new gestures

Ocean’s Zero proposes to take up each challenge one after the other in order to change its habits by refusing disposable and plastic objects, by manufacturing its cosmetic and sanitary products or by acquiring new reusable products.

Each challenge allows us to learn more about the impact of each action such as the large proportion of straws and plastic bags, the importance of selective sorting and new simple habits. The application also offers several fun aspects such as points and badges allowing you to learn with a certain gratification and leveling up.

For each action, the application allows you to consult how many users have taken up the challenge as well as an estimate of the collective impact on the environment.