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Obama and Romney clash in a game

Obama and Romney clash in a game

For several hours now, Epic Games has offered to download a game that is already controversial in the United States for free. And for good reason since we can play as one of the two election candidates in the ring …

This year will undoubtedly mark a turning point in the history of American elections. In several centuries, this is indeed the first time that the public has enjoyed so much the duel between the two main candidates: Obama and Romney. Each of them does not hesitate to strike below the belt with video clips openly mocking the measures taken by the other candidate and sometimes staging renowned comedians. Epic Games seems to have understood this renewed interest in the elections and has been offering for a few hours a game that anyone can download for free and in which we can see the two candidates compete in the ring …

The developers of Infinity Blade are obviously not short of humor. Their new creation offers you to embody either Obama or Romney in the ring, depending on your political affiliation. The goal? Knock out the opponent in style. To do this, they have a whole arsenal of accessories and above all a large panel of shots. With a deliberately mainstream cartoon design, the game does not fall into gratuitous violence but rather into easy humor.

Around the world, the victories of the two candidates are referred to in order to put together a scoreboard which allows to give the main trends at any time.

The initiative tends to make people smile for the moment, and above all proves that the elections are more and more open to the general public. It remains to be seen whether this type of media coverage will have a positive effect on voters … On the side of Epic, we tend to see things from the good side, the goal of pushing young people to take part in the elections.

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