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O.MG Cable: the Lightning cable that allows you to hack a computer!

You should start to be a lot more cautious about iPhone charging cables than you might be given… Security researcher Mike Grover has developed a Lightning to USB cable that looks a lot like Apple’s but is actually allows hackers to take remote control of the computer it’s plugged into. Entitled O. MG Cable, the latter has just entered the production phase and will be sold to the general public in the near future.

The O.MG Cable can charge iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and allows data transfer, just like the official standard Lightning cable sold by Apple. However, it goes further by also proposing a wireless access point to which a hacker can connect, which then allows him to open a command prompt on a computer and thus control it.

Mike Grover hopes the cable will help raise awareness that anything you plug into your computer is potentially malicious. ” It’s like being able to sit in front of the victim’s keyboard and mouse but without actually being there “Said the man who calls himself MG at the Def Con hacking conference in an interview with Motherboard.

According to the report, MG distributes the O.MG Cable via Hak5, which sells hacking and cybersecurity tools. In other words, you probably shouldn’t be able to accidentally buy a cable that allows hackers to take control of your computer, but it’s still a good idea to make sure that you acquire it. ” a cable from a reliable source.

TheO. MG Cable is the result of several months of work that resulted in the creation of a very discreet malicious USB cable. As soon as the cable is connected, you can control the computer via the wireless network interface installed inside the cable.“, Can we read on the Hak5 website.

Towards a rise in hacking because of the O.MG Cable?

Of course, it is important to note that such cables have been around for years. It is therefore unlikely that this new cable will trigger a new wave of hacking. According to a report by The Verge, MG had previously manufactured a modified Apple USB-C charger capable of taking control of a computer.

MG wants the cable to be used only by security researchers, but in reality anyone can buy it. According to The Verge’s report, Mike Grover hopes security researchers will think about defending themselves against USB cables such as the O.MG Cable and other similar cables. Because it must be recognized, a malicious Lightning cable is not necessarily the first method of attack that users think of …