O download free audiobooks

O download free audiobooks

Audio books are both fun and informative. Many of us like to listen to them while working, walking and driving. In a way, there is a lot of time to listen to audio books. Although listening online is always the best option, the Internet connection is sometimes not stable enough to be able to read the book regularly. The good thing is that there are few sites where you can download free audio books and listen to them online. Well, here are some of the best sites we have found for you.

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A number of volunteers around the world want to spread the light of knowledge to every corner. Among these is LibriVox.org which maintains a library of thousands of books that can be costed online or can be downloaded. This three-decade-old effort is led by a parent company already engaged in the dissemination of knowledge and information, and launched a platform in 1971 offering free reading resources.

Culture Open

The perfect choice to change your look in minutes. OpenCulture.com is yet another dedicated platform that brings free books to read. They specialize in cultural, traditional, historical and other resources. The website offers a wide range of quality books and every book lover can find something interesting.


Amazon offers many online media products, from which you can stream thousands of movies, songs, and even books. Well, Audible.com is one of the leading sites in the world from which you can download any type of audio book. Support is available for each smartphone platform and the start month is exclusively free.


The ideal companion for all students is Lit2Go. Not only do they have the books available, but they even keep the biblical register, the number of words in each book and the quotation made so far from these books. It is an ideal platform for all those who need documentary material to carry out a study, carry out research or prepare a synopsis.

Audiobooks now

One of the new platforms available for downloading free audio books is AudioBooksNow.com. Although this is a new configuration, they offer a wide variety of books, ranging from fictional titles to non-fictional titles, and even include the bestsellers of the classic selection. Most books are free, but some are sold at great prices. In addition, the books can be downloaded to smartphones and the computer and can be costly online.

Internet Archive

The Internet Archive.org is another great website that hosts millions of books online, which it takes from other public domains and makes available to its users. This non-profit site contains books on almost every subject, be it science, politics, history or sports. And most of them are available in a really fantastic quality. You can listen to the books online or download them from the links provided.

Rakuten Overdrive

Rakuten Overdrive.com works with a library subscription. To use this free book website, your library must be associated with it. And if that's the case, you're in luck, because the website offers a multitude of books and you can also find the books of the best-selling authors. At the same time, you can download the books directly to your smartphone as it supports all mobile platforms. But if your library does not support Rakuten Overdrive, it will probably not serve you.