NZXT suspends the sale of its H1 PC case after several fires

Computer company NZXT faces a very annoying problem with its H1 box. Indeed, several users have reported short circuits as well as fire starts in their tower, forcing the manufacturer to stop marketing and urge customers to stop using their PC.


It is the nightmare of any company: to stop the marketing of a product which turns out to be dangerous. This is happening today at NZXT, which specializes in computer enclosures. The latest product of the brand, the H1, has indeed experienced fires reported by users. As a result, the marketing of the product is immediately suspended and buyers are asked to leave their PCs off.

The H1 is a PC case which adopts a somewhat particular format, since it is vertical. It thus adopts false airs of Xbox Series X. A very original case (since the graphics cards are put upright) and therefore very popular. But buyers have complained about smoke coming out of the chassis on first use, others have even noticed the presence of flames. Ouch. After investigation, NZXT determined that it was not the assembly that was involved, but the structure of the case. Indeed, the fault is two screws holding the PCI Express port that cause a short circuit.


Buyers urged to stop using the box

Faced with this situation, NZXT has of course taken measures. First, the housings were immediately removed of the sale on its official website. Partner vendors were also urged to do the same. What makes this tricky is the fact that the case has already been sold to a number of users. NZXT urges them to shut down their machine completely until further notice. A repair kit will be sent to them free of charge in order to change the offending screws and thus eliminate the risk of fire.

A real nightmare for a manufacturer, but NZXT is not the first in this cas. We remember for example Samsung which, a few weeks after the marketing of its Galaxy Note 7, had recorded dozens of complaints from users who had seen their new terminal catch fire for no reason. This had led him to permanently suspend the sale.

Source: Reddit