Nvidia launches ‘GeForce Fortnite Bundle’ with special items, V-Bucks

Fortnite fever is still strong and if you want to upgrade your gaming PC to be able to enjoy this battle royale title with friends, the holiday sales might be the perfect time. Nvidia and Epic Games have teamed up to bring you the “Forte GeForce Bundle” in time for the game’s seventh season and bring you a ton of freebies.

According to a official press release , Nvidia has decided to relax the deal for the coming season for those who buy the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti, GTX 1070 or GTX 1060 GPU , desktops or laptops. The company offers them the GeForce Fortnite Bundle with rare items and the in-game currency, V-Bucks, so they can purchase new emotes and outfits in the future.

As you can see in the photo above, Nvidia and Epic offer you the following:

  • 2000 V-Bucks
  • The set of Fortnite counter-attacks, consisting of:

    • Reflex outfit (rare)
    • Pivot Glider (Rare)
    • Angular ax pickaxe (Uncommon)
    • Back Bling response unit

For those interested, it is important to note that the “GeForce Fortnite Bundle” is available for a limited time. You can take advantage of this offer from today until January 29 or while supplies last.

Well, if Fortnite isn’t your cup of tea, the package Monster Hunter: Worldmight get your attention. You will then receive a copy of the game and all the freebies from the Fortnite package. Nvidia also offers a Battlefield V bundle, where you’ll get a copy of the game’s title with the purchase of a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, GeForce RTX 2080, or a graphics card or desktop PC using the GeForce RTX 2070 technology.

So, are you excited for the seventh season of Fortnite? Which dazzling stunt is Epic going to grab our attention this time around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.