Numericable returns to the initial offer of its 20 € package

A handful of subscribers test the new Numericable plans

Image 1: Numericable returns to the initial offer of its 20 € packageAt the very beginning of March, Numericable announced that its attractive offer at 20 euros would see its services reduced. The operator has since backtracked by indicating that it is returning to the initial offer.

An unofficial full-scale test

International calls and speed of 100 Mbit / s are making their comeback in this very attractive Numericable package. To complete this low cost triple play package, the television offer will be limited to DTT channels. Its name even derives from it since it will be renamed i-TNT.

Numericable finally recognized the communication error made a fortnight ago. Due to the reworking of the package catalog unveiled on May 5, the reworked offer at 20 euros was found online on the site without however being formalized. It is the usual way of testing the operator that probes the success that the package could achieve. No doubt on this point, consumers have spoken: the initial offer is indeed the one that interests them the most. Subscribers who subscribed between March 1 and March 15 will have their plan revert to the original offer.