Numericable: a very limited “mobile revolution”

Numericable: a very limited “mobile revolution”

Image 1: Numericable: a very limited If the unlimited mobile offer announced this morning by Numericable seems attractive, like any package, it has many limitations.

The first of these is of course its accessibility. The rate of € 24.90 per month over twenty-four months is in fact reserved for customers who have already subscribed to a fixed offer whatever it is (even only TV) at the operator. If necessary, it will cost € 49.90 per month. If you are already a Numericable customer and want to commit to a mobile offer for only twelve months, you will have to pay € 29.90 per month.

In case of termination of its fixed offer while one is still engaged on the mobile one, its price will logically go from that reserved for a subscriber to that offered to a non-subscriber: from 24.90 € to 49.90 € per month. It will be possible for a household benefiting from a Numericable fixed offer to subscribe to five mobile offers at the same time. However, only the first will benefit from the preferential rate. The other four will be billed at € 49.90 per month.


In terms of consumption, Numericable offers “unlimited” use in the standards, which creates competition. Internet access is provided over 3G up to 500 MB of data exchanged. Beyond that, the client will only have Edge access. Telephone consumption is also based on what already exists on the market: 99 different correspondents per month, two hours maximum per call and no special numbers. More surprising, however, MMS are also excluded from the unlimited offer.

Last limitation, despite the 24-month commitment, Numericable does not subsidize any mobile phone with this plan. The operator only gives a SIM card to place in a phone that we already have. This rather long commitment to an unsubsidized offer was justified this morning at a press conference by the cost of the costs incurred to canvass customers. It seems more likely that Numericable will take advantage of the regular income generated by this commitment to take the least financial risk possible.