Numericable: a social package at € 9.99

Numericable: a social package at € 9.99

Image 1: Numericable: a social package at € 9.99Pierre Danon

A triple-play package for less than ten euros. This is what Numericable wants to launch soon. It will be reserved for recipients of RSA or disabled adult allowance.

Available next summer

It was Pierre Danon, the CEO of the company, who announced it in an interview with Le Figaro. It thus responds to François Fillon’s request of January 18. He expected operators to set up triple-play social offers at 20 euros per month. Numericable therefore goes further by offering this package comprising 60 television channels, Internet access at 2 megabits / second and unlimited telephony in mainland France.

For Numericable, in addition to the social aspect, it is a real opportunity to gain new customers. Caisse des Dépôts will subsidize the package of 4.21 euros per month and per subscriber. Pierre Danon also thinks that some beneficiaries of this offer will not hesitate to choose more upscale packages: “We are today at 25% market share on new recruitments of Internet subscribers. This should allow us to progress further, ”he said. If the offer is approved by the Prime Minister, Arcep and Bercy within two months, it could be launched this summer.