Numericable: a new online customer area

Numericable: a new online customer area

Image 1: Numericable: a new online customer areaNumericable has been trying to restore its image for several months, tarnished by numerous complaints from its subscribers, especially after the takeover of Noos.

Today the cable operator is therefore launching a new site dedicated to its customer relations and assistance to subscribers.

Communication change

Numericable therefore describes its site as “clearer, simpler, more practical and more ergonomic”. The operator mainly intends to communicate on its new online assistance, since it is one of the points most criticized by dissatisfied users last year. Today, Numericable says that it has resolved all of these communication problems with the client, and intends to prove it through this site.

As a bonus, the site also offers a small general and sports information portal, a video-on-demand program, games or even a TV guide. Finally, it should be noted that this new site is only the first of a series of new features that the operator will introduce during the coming weeks.