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Novodio WattBomb Air – Belgium-iPhone

Novodio WattBomb Air - Belgium-iPhone

WattBomb Air from Novodio is two new small speakers of only 4 watts to share your music. Practical, because small and light, WattBomb Air is also enduring, with its 10 hours of autonomy.

From a pure, black design, the two mini speakers are surrounded by a magnet. At first glance, what is surprising is that no son is visible. Tired of seeing a number of cables dangling and becoming entangled all day long, Novodio took the part of hiding this disgrace. Retractability is indeed the noble and appreciable master word of WattBomb Air. Finish the knots.

In practice, a simple jack plug allows you to connect your speakers to your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. Once plugged in, a melody seems to have come out of the movie Rencontre du Troisime Type, signaling that everything is in order.

For an untrained music lover, the sound is more than honest. And for those who want a little more bass, just switch to tuning mode, possible thanks to the resonance zone which is expandable. You turn the head of your speaker, an accordion comes out and a “disco” atmosphere invades your room.

In summary, with its economical battery that charges via USB, WattBomb Air is ideal for traveling. However, the price, which hovers around 49.90, is a bit expensive.

The two Novodio WattBomb Air mini speakers are on sale in particular at MacWay.

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